Source code for permission.logics.base

# coding=utf-8

[docs]class PermissionLogic(object): """ Abstract permission logic class """
[docs] def get_full_permission_string(self, perm): """ Return full permission string (app_label.perm_model) """ if not getattr(self, "model", None): raise AttributeError( "You need to use `add_permission_logic` to " "register the instance to the model class " "before calling this method." ) app_label = self.model._meta.app_label model_name = self.model._meta.object_name.lower() return "%s.%s_%s" % (app_label, perm, model_name)
[docs] def has_perm(self, user_obj, perm, obj=None): """ Check if user have permission (of object) Parameters ---------- user_obj : django user model instance A django user model instance which be checked perm : string `app_label.codename` formatted permission string obj : None or django model instance None or django model instance for object permission Returns ------- boolean Whether the specified user have specified permission (of specified object). .. note:: Sub class must override this method. """ raise NotImplementedError( "'%s' does not override `has_perm(user_obj, perm, obj=None)` " "method. Sub class of `PermissionLogic` must override this " "method." )